Hi-Tech Onboard: 5 Cars Providing Unique Options

A modern car has long ceased to be just a vehicle. Each manufacturer tries to surprise customers with something interesting by equipping its cars with high-tech options and functions that provide convenience and safety of movement. Without exaggeration, a modern car can be called a 4-wheel computer. Moreover, technologies develop incredibly quickly and they become more and more perfect. Of course, it’s difficult to say what cars are the most technologically advanced, and even harder to arrange them in a certain order. After all, those functions that seem innovative and convenient to one driver can be useless for others. However, Rentalcars24H have tried to highlight the most high-tech cars anyway and ready to share them with you.

Audi S5 Coupe

This car will be ideal for those who want to get a harmonious combination of unsurpassed style and high technologies. The fans of good sound will get a real pleasure from the built-in Bang & Olufsen acoustic system, which is customized for each car separately. The sound quality really impresses – 14 speakers connected to an amplifier with the power of 505 watts give out a mesmerizing sound. In the car, there is a built-in Audi phone with a Bluetooth-online interface. This device has a convenient screen that allows the driver to see the call list, phone book and select the necessary parameters. Of course, it’s worth noting high-tech 3.0 TFSI V6 engine with the power of 333 hps. Fast acceleration of Audi S5 is achieved through innovative turbocharger, which is equipped with a mechanical drive, as well as an intermediate air cooler. This allows the car to show great power with little fuel consumption.

Lexus GS350

The first unique thing in this car is LED daytime running lights, which create a unique image. However, they are installed not only for this reason. The headlights of this car are equipped with an intelligent road lighting system. With its help headlamp modules can turn when the car enters the turn, and this significantly improves the lighting level of the route at night.

In addition, the rear-view mirror of Lexus GS350 features a built-in camera that checks the lighting level in front of the car, and automatically switches on and off car’s high-beam lights.

It’s also important to note the safety system of Lexus. The car is equipped with a variety of security systems – active and passive one, which reduce the severity of consequences after accidents.

Finally, there is an innovative driver assistance system that will reliably protect all passengers. However, that’s not all. The driver can easily cope with any traffic situation thanks to the operation of the vehicle dynamics control system and the blind zone monitoring system, which warns of all traffic participants on the neighboring lane.

Honda Odyssey

Nobody likes to waste time in traffic jams. However, the owners of Honda Odyssey don’t worry about this problem. The fact is that this car is equipped with an optional satellite navigation system with voice identification, which not only offers the most optimal route of traveling, but informs about traffic jams in major cities. Also, Honda Odyssey has HandsFreeLink Bluetooth system onboard, which allows you to talk on the phone without touching it. Thus, the driver is not distracted from the road. In Odyssey there is a USB-audio interface that helps to play music from a USB flash drive or phone via USB-cable. You can control the volume by using voice commands. The car video system has an HDMI port, which allows you to connect any video device.

Infiniti Q50

In this high-tech car all the best technical solutions are realized. The new version of Infiniti Q50 has a European appearance. All Asian lines have disappeared, and now the car body looks more aggressive, as a bumper of complex shape and a large radiator grille are installed. Head optics is equipped with bi-xenon. The work of the headlights is provided by an intelligent switching system of light modes. The front seats are supplied with an electric drive allowing the driver to choose 8 different positions. The car is equipped with a multifunction steering wheel, on which the controls of the multimedia system, transmission, and climate control are located. The driver can change the position of a steering wheel without stopping a car. On the dashboard you’ll find the on-board computer screen, and on the central console – 2 touchscreens, allowing you to control absolutely all the systems of the car. Infiniti Q50 is equipped with a hybrid 298-hps engine, which includes an atmospheric gasoline engine and a 50-watt electric motor. A seven-speed automatic transmission complements this hi-tech duet.

Ford Mustang

So as to increase the attractiveness of the restyled Mustang, Ford has equipped the novelty with advanced technologies. The model has a rear-view camera, a push-button start of the engine, a transverse motion warning system that tells the driver that there is a possibility of collision when parking with other cars, as well as a collision warning system, and adaptive cruise control. But this is not all. The driver will be able to evaluate the pressure in all the tires directly on the toolbar, and also switch between different driving modes. This will allow you to choose the optimal mode of movement in different conditions.

In addition, Mustang is Ford’s first car, which received the innovative AppLink smartphone connection system. All technologies in Mustang are focused on the convenience, comfort and safety of the car owner. Thus, Track Apps collects information on the performance of the car and presents it in the metric system. This system shows the driver how the car behaves, and reports when the car’s performance drops or rises.

Summing it up, technologies of modern cars make driving much more easy and comfortable. At the same time, progress doesn’t stand still, and more technologically advanced vehicles appear every year. Most likely, the above-mentioned options will not surprise anyone 5-10 years later, but nowadays the cars where they are used are worthy of admiration.

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